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Esperanza Del Corazon Capitulo 127 Latest telenovela

Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 127 Latest telenovela
Hello friends today i bring Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 127 Latest telenovela telenovela shares highlights of this amazing where we can see them online for free, but we can see the telenovela on this site also provides information about sports, artist gossip, providing the latest news and TV channels online with hundreds of channels around the world for free, my friends thank you for visiting this site I hope to come back tomorrow to visit and do not forget to make friends who share the others around the world please share via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter with the push of a button on top
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For years, Sandra Saldarriaga have worked in a neutral tone when speaking to sound like a Colombian girl does not affect the time to seek an acting opportunity, but, paradoxically, the first formal role in a soap opera that makes "Hope of

the Heart "asked exploit the characteristic sound of the people of his native country.
"When I did the casting I said, 'We hear you're Colombian, why do not you do with that accent?. I had worked hard not to sound like Colombia, and even I could not graduate if he failed a neutral tone, so I had lessons with a tutor. The story is perfect because it's a girl who comes from Miami, so there is no problem with the accent. Now whenever I was asked to talk 'Colombian' for when the scenes is a natural process, "says Sandra.

Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 127 Latest telenovela
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