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El Elegido Capitulo106 Latest telenovela

El Elegido Capitulo 106 Telenovela Online:Telenovela Online
How are you today my friend.? Today I bring you the latest Capitulo from your favorite telenovela El Elegido Capitulo 105 is the story of telenovela Enjoy in the comfort of your home, look online and free of charge directly in front of your computer screen only here on this website each time Wherever you are in the world, Okay friend Just direct us towards El Elegido Capitulo106
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El Elegido Capitulo 106 Telenovela Online:Telenovela Online
Andrew's dream to work with Oscar Sosa Nevares Lito Cruz, one of the owners of the law firm where she worked. After winning the lawsuit, he was rewarded with a trip to Spain's Andres who will change your life forever. Not only meet the Mariana Paola Krum, an idealistic lawyer you will feel the pull of power, but also attended meetings with the leaders of the mystical Masonic Lodge. Sosa Nevares partner suddenly dies. When vacancies, Andrew assume that will be chosen to occupy this place. However, Nevares Oscar Sosa, with all its error, he decided that one of the company's staff attorneys can and make them cruel compete to see who of the four is really capable of doing. The only thing that remains of the Mariana competition whose main goal is not their professional growth but to know the truth about his father's death. Andrew will go through various tests to leave the cave in which he got when running the most extreme risk, such as loss of family, dignity and the woman he loved.

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