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Messi: Do not Compare Argentina with Barca

Striker Lionel Messi argued, there is no point comparing the Argentina national team in Barcelona. Because, he says, Argentina and Barcelona brings a different game.

Messi's statement was a reaction to the criticism a number of people who rate the 24-year-old attacker perform well over time defending the "Barca" than Argentina.
The criticism came when Argentina won only a draw against Bolivia (1-1) and Colombia (0-0) in the preliminary round group A Copa America 2011. Messi did not even score a goal in two games.

Although it has not been able to score goals, Messi impressive show by creating two assists when Argentina beat Costa Rica 3-0. Thanks to a big hand, the team's "Tango" to qualify for the quarterfinals.

"Comparing Argentina with Barcelona is a mistake," said Messi in a press conference ahead of the quarter-final against Uruguay on Saturday (07/16/2011).

"We have been working together for a long time in Barcelona. While on the national team, we're trying to do something similar. However, you can not compare the two teams," lanjutya.

Regarding the match against Uruguay, Messi said, "It would be a tough game against Uruguay. However. Our dream is to win this tournament. We want to win the Copa America as Argentina took the trophy. And we will continue to work hard for it
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