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Iverson Want to Return to NBA

Allen Iverson, who twice won the NBA MVP award, saying that he was ready to become a replacement player and basketball player that should be the example, if allowed to play again in the NBA. He believes still has the ability to play at a high level.

In his career, Iverson had been the NBA's best young players, and is ranked sixth highest scorer of all time, and includes the top five shooting guard in the NBA (according to ESPN). Nevertheless, his services had not desirable.

In the 2009/2010 season, Iverson Philadelphia 76ers hired, the team he has ever brought to the NBA finals in 2001. At that time, he rarely played and just be a backup only, so it made him angry.

Iverson dibangkucadangkan because he can not play like it used to. "And I still believe has the ability to play at the highest level as before, and I put all my energy to achieve it," Iverson said. "I just want to play such an organization (the NBA) this desire."

His attitude is terrible and known as "BadBoys", made him pull out of the top basketball league. He then decided to join the club Besiktas Cola Turka. The hope is great to play as a starter there, and it materialized. However, expertise with age made him unable to speak much in Turkey. For example, in his debut match, the team which he defended the club should admit defeat to Serbia, Hemofarm.

"Everyone feels appropriate for me to be reserved. I dare say like that because things like this never happened before to me, and this is a new thing. Obviously I do not know how to handle it. However, to return to the biggest stage (NBA) is its own happiness and I feel I have a few more years before retirement, "said Iverson, basketball player who ever went to Georgetown.

"It is sad when we can only sit and watch the game throughout the season. Obviously it's very hard for me. Now, I will prepare myself physically and mentally to return to the NBA stage," he said.

If we compare contemporaries Iverson with friends when he was in the draft in 1996, it is very ironic. Some names still adorn the NBA, like Marcus Camby, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, and Steve Nash.

While not playing in the NBA, Iverson got a lot of life lessons that she had never done before, namely 'the curve of life'. Playing in the NBA for 15 seasons, he never once glanced at life's curves. Iverson rely solely on talent (speed) that he has and be proud of it. Now with increased age, he is 'repentance'.

"Now I have a different work ethic was and this caused me a more mature," he said.

Basketballers who had trouble with one of the NBA coaches, Larry Brown, now explains that he is not the same as before. "I have not used nor as fast as agile as before, but I can still keep up the young basketball player and still have the ability. This is what makes me not want to stop playing."

Iverson and the NBA can be likened to a magnet, they attract each other and need each other. The proof, as Iverson was not in his best season, he was elected to the All-Star player even though he could not play because of injuries menderanya.

"As long as I can keep doing ordinary things done (playing basketball), then I'll play until I can not play lag
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