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Gonzales craze, Indonesia outperform Turkmenistan 3-0

Cristian "El Loco" Gonzalez craze. He scored two goals in the first round second leg Pre-World Cup 2014 opponents Turkmenistan at the Bung Karno Stadium on Thursday (07/28/2011). Plus one goal Muhammad Nasuha, Indonesia had closed the first half with a 3-0 advantage.
Powered thousands of supporters "Garuda", Indonesia immediately pressing Turkmenistan. This apparently makes it difficult opponent expand, even several times overwhelmed.

Cristian Gonzalez had missed a golden opportunity in the 5th minute. Faced with the opponent's goalkeeper, Shamyradov Maksatmytrat, he was less than perfect control of the ball so Maksatmytrat able to catch the ball first.

However, four minutes later, he did not miss the opportunity. Received a cross from Muhammad Ilham, he immediately gore. The ball had hit the pole, but ultimately the goal and bring Indonesia to a temporary 1-0 lead.

A counter-attack to produce a goal for Indonesia. Boaz Solossa breakthrough that gets spat directly send the ball into the middle. Gonzales well-cut and scored, 2-0.

This is increasingly making Turkmenistan overwhelmed. Moreover, each of them attacked, Indonesia is always a dangerous counterattack. Action Boaz Solossa, Cristian Gonzalez, M Ridwan, and Muhammad Ilham several times a troublesome defense Turkmenistan.

Even so, attacks Turkmenistan sometimes also quite dangerous. In fact, they do a free kick in the 26th minute, leading to a goal, and Fery Rotinsulu can only be blocked.

Near the end of the first half, Indonesia tried to lower the tempo of the game. However, Word et al Utina still occasionally launch malicious attacks.

In the 40th minute, Boaz escaped from custody and approaching the opponent's goal. Unfortunately, the ball kick was blocked by defender Turkmenistan.

However, in the 42nd minute, Muhammad Nasuha not waste the opportunity. From a distance, he kicks off the hard, curved, and Turkmenistan through the wicket. Indonesia had closed the first half with a 3-0 advantage.

Indonesia: Fery Rotinsulu; Nasuha, Zulkifli Gratitude, Richardo Salampessy, Muhammad Roby; Muhammad Ridwan, Ahmad Bustomi, Word Utina, Muhammad Ilham; Boaz Solossa, Cristian Gonzalez
Coach: Wilhemus Rijsbergen

Turkmenistan: Shamyradov Maksatmytrat; Gochguly Gochgulyyev, Begli Annagedliyev, Maksim Belyh, Sarkisov David; Abylov Guvanch, Hangeldiyev Guvanch, Bahtiyar; Berdy Shamuradov, Ruslan, Gahryman Coach: Hojageldiyev Yazguly
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