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Los Herederos Del Monte Capitulo 115 Latest telenovela

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Los Herederos Del Monte Capitulo 115 and shares the highlights of this amazing telenovela.
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Los Herederos Del Monte broadcast live on television Telemundo TV
The Grove Mount calm days pass. The five brothers: Juan (Mario Cimarro), Joseph (Jose Luis Resendez), Pedro (Ezekiel Montalt), Gaspar (Fabián Ríos) and Luke (Jonathan Islands) are concerned, as always, keep the farm that for decades turned their parents the most important and prosperous area. They want to keep his legacy and make it grow even more.
Accompanied by Modesto (Roberto Mateos), the eternal and faithful servant of the family, the brothers prepare to read the will that left his recently deceased father. I never thought that these adopted children was that sad day in their lives would mark a final break and the beginning of a new story that will be hopelessly trapped.

When the lawyer is about to read the will and show a video with the last words of Don Emilio del Monte appears Paula del Monte (Marlene Favela). The only biological child who not only come to receive their share of the inheritance, but also to revolutionize the days of these men, the most coveted place.

Since then, things in the Grove will never be the same. Paula is ready to do anything. He wants back what it deserves. The move resentment and being ignored by her father's family. So plans are already underway and each of the brothers will help you achieve them.

What Paula del Monte did not expect was that in this part of the world where you always wanted to be to rule and be an equal, find the love that will forever change her goals. That happens when he meets John who fall in love, first time in his life can not control her feelings, much less your emotions so they will do their best to win the love of Juliet and separate Juan Millan (Margarita Muñoz) his fiancée.

So their plans will crumble while Sofia Cañadas (Diana Quijano), his mother, trying by all means Paula is the promise made years ago: keep all the assets of Del Monte.
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