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"Live Streaming" Eclipse of the Moon at YouTube

wishful worry if you do not have time or do not even get to watch a total lunar eclipse directly because it is located in an area that had no luck. Google is working with Space Slooh Camera preparing impressions total lunar eclipse live streaming of a number of countries.

Web page Slooh Space Camera will show live streaming options from South Africa, Dubai and Cyprus began at 01.00 pm, Thursday (16/6/2011) early morning. Live streaming is not just impressions, but also comes in the form of an audio narration of astronomers directly so that visitors get more explanation.
In addition, live streaming can also be witnessed in one of the canals prepared on YouTube beginning the same hour. Google Earth software users can also view live streaming by downloading additional kml file so that impressions can appear as a new layer in the Sky features.

In fact, for you who are on their way, a total lunar eclipse events can be followed by Android-based smartphone devices. However, you must download and install first Slooh Space Camera application to view recordings in a continuous phase of the eclipse.

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