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La Pola Capitulo 177 Latest telenovela

New Granada, the early nineteenth century. At this time there are only two options: realistic or patriot. We live a real struggle for power, which results, injustice, thousands of tears, shooting ... war!. In this framework, the most incredible stories weave because people literally live each day as if it were your last. In this context lies the history of La Pola, an untamed beast, full of visionary ideals and desire to fight for freedom, a woman ahead for these times where the prevailing machismo prevents the female has a voice or vote . At a time when the love is still a kiss eternal, which means everything, La Pola live a stormy, painful and passionate affair with Sabaraín Alejo, a man forbidden to her from every aspect, as he is of ancestry, family Spanish, otherwise, of another color is also part of the Crown, in short, a relationship that is seen as a sin. But the attraction is so strong that the couple try to enjoy your love, no matter what the obstacle, be it death
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By 1810, among the thousand voices seeking freedom in Colombia, the cry is heard loud and proud of a young mestizo wealthy family, who rebel against the establishment, stands up against injustice, he spits a whole empire, and fight In addition, a forbidden love. It is the voice and history of Poland Salavarrieta, better known as "La Pola". She is a "spy" working for the patriotic forces in the war of independence against Spain, and so in love with Alejo matched Sabaraín, an educated young Spanish which, although committed to a child with Maria Ignacia Valencia, a woman payaneses aristocracy, you can not resist the impulsive, courageous and passionate Policarpa. Still, Alexis does not know if you can sacrifice everything to defend his love cradled between two groups because of their huge loyalty to the crown and the King of Spain.
In two worlds now faced with hatred, two women struggling for love and a love fight against the world. La Pola will have to separate their feelings and convictions face an empire, either, as the worst of traitors, or as the best of heroines. Policarpa Salavarrieta, La Pola, a woman against an empire and a woman who committed the worst sin: ahead of her time. the father of Polish was a fighter for the people so Policarpa Salavarrieta SIGIO the footsteps of his father

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